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The Off-Site Rotation Assessment Form has been developed for the AHEC Program with multiple purposes in mind. First, this assessment will be used to monitor how well student needs have been met.  To accurately evaluate how well the program meets student needs and expectations  student input is critical.  

Every student and resident is expected to complete the assessment form within one week of the completion of his or her off-site rotation.  Students with multiple rotations will need to complete an assessment form for each rotation.  The information provided will be considered confidential.  Again, student feedback is critical to ensuring the community-based experiences are beneficial to the student’s education.


The assessment form evaluates three specific aspects of the off-site rotation:

  • The administrative aspects of the AHEC Program,

  • The students attitude and understanding of the off-site experience and,

  • The educational experience of the off-site rotation.

Once again, the assessment should be completed no later than one week following the completion of the rotation and before settlement of the reimbursement account with the central office.