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What is the Voluntary Faculty Program?

Annually, the University of Kentucky admits the next generation of dentists, nurses, phlebotomists, pharmacists, physicians, radiographers, physical therapists, public health practitioners, as well as an array of other health care providers. Throughout their academic programs, our health professions students are challenged to develop the critical thinking skills, knowledge, and clinical competency necessary to care for their patients.  Their patients may be individuals, their families, communities, and populations throughout the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world. UK students directly benefit from the richness of learning in an academic health center where there are learning opportunities across the disciplines to provide team based patient-centered care. However, these on-campus experiences are not sufficient to prepare fully competent health care professionals; it is essential that all students have the opportunity to learn alongside providers in the community.

Without a doubt, the University of Kentucky Health Professions Colleges benefit greatly from the unwavering commitment of our Voluntary Faculty. The role they play is crucial and we offer our heartfelt appreciation for their willingness to share their time and expertise. As part of our own education, we directly benefited from community-based faculty and we remember how important these experiences were in shaping our knowledge, skill, values and professional identities. 

We will continue to build upon our efforts to meet the needs of the community-based faculty and look forward to a future of ongoing collaboration. We thank them for their leadership in shaping future generations of health care professionals.

Voluntary Faculty Appointment and Process

Before a student can begin rotating at a site, and prior to the health professional being able to take advantage of Voluntary Faculty benefits, an active/current voluntary faculty appointment is necessary. To be appointed as a Voluntary Faculty member there are several steps that must be completed. For questions about the appointment process, please contact the individual colleges/department for your profession. 

Medical Center Library

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CECentral for Voluntary Faculty

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Pay it Forward

Click HERE to view the UK Healthcare Pay it Forward brochure for Voluntary Faculty