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Deans from each of the participating colleges form the Board of Directors, the main governance body of the Center. The Center Director, Jim Ballard, participates as a member of the board. Other board members include:

College of Communication and Information

Jennifer Greer

Dr. Jennifer Greer Dean

College of Health Sciences

Dr. Scott Lephart

Dr. Scott Lephart Dean

College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

Nancy Cox

Dr. Nancy Cox Dean

College of Dentistry


Dr. Jeffery Okeson Dean

College of Medicine


Dr. Chipper Griffith Dean

College of Nursing

Heath Headshot

Dr. Janie Heath Dean

College of Pharmacy


Dr. Kip Guy Dean

College of Public Health


Dr. Heather M. Bush Dean

College of Social Work


Dr. Jay Miller Dean


DiPaola Headshot

Dr. Robert DiPaola Provost