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What is Co-Curricular IPE?

Co-curricular activities are not credit-bearing educational experiences, but enhance the experience of students as they progress through their professional training. The Center is involved in such activities in a variety of ways. For example, in Leadership Legacy, the Center supports the faculty and manages the logistics of this semester long experience. For several student-run seminar experiences such as Conmigo and Interprofessional Lunch and Learn, the Center provides lunch and assists the student leaders as needed with room arrangements and other logistics. One way the Center is often helpful is in identifying speakers, both internal and external, of whom the students may not be aware.

Co-Curricular Student-Led Groups

Future Professionals in Global Health

This student-led extracurricular colloquium provides students the opportunity to understand the barriers facing multicultural communities in accessing health care and to discuss methods of overcoming those barriers. This group meets monthly or as needed for special projects.   

For additional information or to be put on the listserv for meeting notifications, contact Daniel Yun.

HDx - Health Disparitiesx

HDx (Health Disparities and x is a variable for knowledge and expertise to address problems)


To increase awareness of local, national, and global disparities in healthcare for the UKY community. Foster civic engagement and community outreach through service projects aimed at alleviating disparities. Increase collaboration amongst campus college communities and increase exposure to purpose-driven innovation process in the context of addressing health disparity issues.

Click here to check out the HDx website


Dedicated to fighting the substance use disorder epidemic in Kentucky, participants collaborate with health profession faculty to develop lecture presentations and educational materials that are delivered in local rehabilitation centers. For additional information or to be put on the listserv for meeting notifications, contact Jacob Peace at 

Minds of Healthcare

Mindfulness in Newly Developing Students (MINDS) of Healthcare promotes the use of mindfulness and self-care practices to reduce the effects of chronic stress for students in health professions educational programs. For additional information or to be put on the listserv for meeting notifications, contact Katherine Lee.

Other Co-Curricular Offerings

Global Health Interprofessional Case Competition

Lead by the Assistant Provost for Global Health Initiatives, the UK Global Health Interprofessional Case Competition is an innovative student competition that rallies graduate and undergraduate students from various UK colleges to form interdisciplinary teams that will develop strategies to address a critical global health challenge. The winning team goes on to represent UK at the International Global Health Case Competition held at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit UK's Global Health Initiative page

Interprofessional Lunch & Learn

This student-led extracurricular colloquium provides students with an understanding of how professionals can work collaboratively in interprofessional teams to improve health outcomes for patients and communities.  

For additional information or to be put on the listserv for meeting notifications, contact Katlin Koehler or Rachael Stone.