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Standing IPE committees:

Academic Leadership

The Academic Leadership Committee provides leadership and oversight of academic programs that prepare students for interprofessional healthcare practice. Specifically, the Academic Leadership Committee is charged by the Board of Directors to guide the Center as it pursues curricular innovation supporting IPE. The committee is made up of the associate deans overseeing academic affairs within each of the participating colleges or designee. Current members are: Kristin Ashford (Nursing), Kalea Benner (Social Work), Paula Arnett (Public Health), Reny DeLeeuw (Dentistry), Chris Feddock (Medicine), Derrick Lane (Communication and Information), Carl Mattacola (Health Sciences), and Frank Romanelli (Pharmacy).

Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Committee is charged with the creation and dissemination of continuing professional education products to enhance and support IPE. It accomplishes this with live meetings, online content hosted by UKHC CECentral, faculty retreats, and desk-side consultation. Another program supported by the committee is the IPE Faculty Fellows, a program that identifies and nurtures emerging and current leaders in IPE at the University of Kentucky and beyond.

Course Committees

Several committees exist to guide the interprofessional curricular components supported by the Center. Learn more about CICHE curricular course offerings below.